Hello America! A Sophisticated Robotic Device Is On Its Way To You

Hello America! A Sophisticated Robotic Device Is On Its Way To You

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Our client, the Czech company Radalytica, a.s., has developed a robotic imaging system called RadalyX, that excels at nondestructive testing (NDT) of composite parts.


Radalytica is now expanding into the US market, focusing initially on the aerospace industry with clients such as Blue Origin and Boeing. However, their innovative device has applications in many other industries, including automotive, healthcare, and even, the art world.

Why did they decide to expand into the US market? How did they find their first client? And how do you prepare such a unique technical solution for overseas shipment? We asked all of these questions to Tana Holanova, Radalytica’s business and logistics manager, who is responsible for their US expansion.

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Why did you decide to enter the US market?


We see enormous potential in the US market. It’s vast, continuously growing and home to industry leaders in aerospace, automotive and healthcare. Our product is a sophisticated technical solution developed by engineers and scientists that can be further customized based on each client’s needs.


Without a doubt, our product requires investment, understanding and commitment, but it also provides our clients with a significant industry advantage and saves them time and money during the testing and development process.

“Our product is a sophisticated robotic imagining system developed by engineers and scientists that can be further customized based on each client’s needs.”

How did you acquire your first US customers, and did they make the entire process easier?


What helped us was attending various conferences held by ASNT, the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. We showcased our product, discussed its advantages and networked with both public and industry experts. We piqued the interest of journalists and our product featured in industry-leading magazines, including Compositesworld, which helped us gain visibility.


Our frequent visits to the US and extensive networking eventually led us to our very first clients, Blue Origin and Boeing.

Why did you decide to apply for an E2 investor visa and establish an LLC?


RadalyX is a sophisticated system that often requires our technicians to be present at clients’ premises to train their teams and ensure everything is properly set up. Therefore, we want to establish a local US team that can be readily available to our clients when needed, eliminating the need to fly technicians from the Czech Republic.


Additionally, we intend to establish a base where technical devices can be assembled and stored. In the future, we plan to invest in a center of expertise where our solutions will be accessible for clients to test. Fortunately, our visas were approved two months ago, and thus, our relocation and US team-building process are currently underway.

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“In the US, we plan to invest in a Center of Epertise where our solutions will be accessible for clients to test.”

As you mentioned, your product is a very sophisticated piece of technology. What does the process of shipping such a device look like?


The preparation of the entire system is the most important and fundamental aspect of transportation. One of the significant advantages of our system is its portability, meaning we can dismantle the device into individual components. However, each of these components, including the electronic parts, needs to be carefully packaged to prevent damage – even minor impacts or mishandling of the crates.


For this purpose, we use a specialized company with experience in this area. They meticulously prepare the system for transportation, including quality packaging materials, required security labels and the installation of motion sensors that monitor potential excessive impacts or improper handling. The recipient can then address any potential damage upon receiving the

radalytica robotic device

“The preparation of the entire system is the most important and fundamental aspect of transportation.”

What advice would you give to someone considering shipping their goods to the US?


I would focus on quality packaging, insurance and communication with the transportation company regarding its transport conditions. We use UPS, which is unique for our purposes, and so far, we haven’t encountered any problems with the transportation of our robotic devices.